Adam Rivon, MBA
I started my Real Estate career, in 2001, as an investor while serving in the Military.  In 2004, I began work as a builder and completed projects for over 300 homeowners. 

Whether buying, selling, or renovating, you can count on me to deliever the best experience and insights for you.  My duty is to uphold the highest sense of Integrity, service, and analytical thinking.
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Experienced Buyer
First-Time Buyer
Investor / Remodel
(2+ prior homes) 

What you'll receive: 
  • Key highlights
  • Key concerns
  • Local Vendor list
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What you'll receive: 
  • Orientation
  • Maintenance review
  • Move-in guide
  • Local Vendor list
(Newly renovated or initial evaluation) 

What you'll receive: 
  • Hourly assessment rate based on need
  • Detailed Punch List
  • ​Key concerns
  • Quality control (also available)
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    The Basics
    + SFH [2-4 BR, 1-2 Stories, City water/sewer] < 2,000 SF < 50 yrs. old - No Major Additions - Discounted for condos
  2. +

    Larger Homes
    + Additional fee based per additional square footage
  3. +

    Additional Services
    + Mold + Radon + Swimming Pools / SPA + Private Sewer + Basement / Crawl Spaces
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    Buyer Focused
    @ Phased Construction - 3 site visits, unlimited Q/A during construction, and discounts for 1 year walk-thru @ Investors - special hourly rates for site visits and evaluations @ Commercial - focused or comprehensive and primarily based the customers area of concern. Please contact us directly for an estimate.
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